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"Belle Mont Farm sets a new bar for organic dining in the islands"
"Best new Caribbean hotel"
"Like a Caribbean Steve Jobs, Kempadoo has an unwavering commitment to his creation"
"A refined stay in a rustic setting"
"Practically paradise for anyone who has ever dreamed of trading a briefcase for a garden shovel"
"Casually luxurious retreat that captures St. Kitts homegrown appeal"
"Conde´ Nast Traveler's 2015 Hot List"
"It List 2015: the Best New Hotels on the Planet"
"Not just a lavish resort but a community,
honoring all things local"
"The-farm-to table movement has finally
arrived in the Caribbean"
The West Indian Farm-To-Table Hotel
We Are A Pioneering Community In the West Indies With A Passion For Sustainable Living